Plastics Recycling
Plastics Recycling Plastic recycling and circular economy are part of modern realities in order to improve quality of life and secure sustainable future. Gasfin develops polymers production project with view to such high standards.
LNG Refueling Station
LNG Refueling Station The first LNG-only refueling station in Italy, Padua.
Industrial Park
Industrial Park Industrial zone in Omisalj, island Krk is prime location for development of sustainable projects with a deep sea access and developed infratsructure.
Omisalj Industrial Park
Omisalj Industrial Park Adria Polymers industrial area.
LNG Tank
LNG Tank Liquimet's refueling station infrastructure view.
Polymers Production
Polymers Production Part of Adria Polymers production facilities.
Chemical Recylcing
Chemical Recylcing Used plastic is not considered waste anymore, specially with upcoming chemical recycling technologies.

Gasfin Group develops multiple projects in areas related to methane, but also other gases as propane and ethane-ethylene.

In the LNG distribution chain, our refueling station in Padua, Italy was the first LNG only station in one of the European key markets.

Polymers production project considers addition of used plastics recylcing and clean power generation, what is currently in development for Gasfin's prime industrial location in Omisalj, Croatia.

Circular economy, driven by necessity to eleminate wasted plastics gradually becomes a standard in the polymers industry.

Jointly with scientific institutions and technology providers Gasfin works in direction to secure optimal solutions for the future. 


Future Oriented Development